Can you use free apps to save blogger time?

Let’s find out shall we? 🙂

It’s been a while since I had a lightbulb moment re time saving apps but when it comes to blogging I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before…

…but seeing as I really need to catch up on all of the blog posts in my head that I’ve not posted since taking an educational break (which would have been perfect to test this one out but hey ho) it’s time to get back on the SEO horse and blog like I’ve never blogged before – only this time QUICKER… and with APPS!

Up until now, blogging has been something I do under pressure due to a a Statef of Digital deadline and only on a laptop. However, since I mooch about a fair bit – it would be really good to be able to blog on the go on a mobile without wanting to chuck the thing out of the window (as a touch typer, I totally HATE texting).

…BUT – anyone that writes epic blog posts knows it takes FOREVER  – and due to Googles insistence on ‘quality content’, we all should be writing more efficiently 🙂

It all started with text to speech…

Since working with disability groups many years ago, I have always been aware of settings on phones and laptops to help those that struggle to see or read. One morning after setting up a friends phone with text to speech to help her read incoming messages,I woke up thinking ‘haaaaang on – why the hell am I not doing the opposite and just speaking notes to output as text?.. and this blog post was born…

So without further ado – here is my review of if I’m honest – the first 10 speech to text apps that came up on android with my made up criteria:

  • Interface and HCI – ie ease of pressing buttons quickly
  • Accuracy with background noise – ie is it possible to do it hands free in the car?
  • Accuracy with initials – ie will it recognise SEO acronyms or should I just type it in as usual?
  • Easy to save? – ie if the phone hangs up or someone calls – do I lose my prose?
  • Easy to output – ie do I have to pay to save and is it going to be a pain to get it off my phone?

You’ll get my thumbs up at the end and I am going to write the rest of this post using a speech to text app – so here goes… (I might be some time)