Professional Voice Training

Voice Training for Conference Speakers, Voice Actors, Singers Trainers and anyone that uses their voice as part of their job. We can teach you how to avoid vocal fatigue, hoarseness and project with more power and less effort

Speaker Training

Before lockdown, Jackie was running a series of workshops on behalf of the Actors Centre in London, and giving vocal masterclasses for in house teams and touring musicians. We can re-create these sessions for you on Zoom in a group or individually by the hour

Voice Training for Speakers

If your work involves a lot of speaking you may feel hoarse or vocally fatigued at the end of a long day. We can teach you how to use your voice efficiently and safely so that vocal fatigue is a thing of the past!

Voice Training for Singers

As well as being a trainer, Jackie is a professoinal singer. Learn to use your vocal power and never miss a high note again. We can help extend your range, find the power at the top of your voice and teach you how to belt like a pro!

Tame the Nerves

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience fills you with fear – we can help! Never let a promotion pass you by and impress your workmates with new found speaker skills

Paid Search Services

Jackie is a multi award winning Search Marketing Consultant specialising in content for SEO, online marketing strategy & Paid Search Marketing

Digital Marketing Training

In House & Online Paid Search Training for Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing and Search Partners from an Award Winning SEM Consultant

Speaker & Vocal Coach

Authorised CVT Vocal Coach & Voice Trainer for Conference Speakers, Singers & Actors worldwide. Teacher for the European Vocal Camp

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