Many years ago I had a car accident. Whiplashed on the motorway while stationary and being hit at speed from behind due to an inexperienced driver not slowing down for the motorway hold up. I’m not still angry or anything – nope – and ‘i promise not to go on about having to give up half marathons and end my triathlon/ironman career etc or about my new pursuits of depression, self pity, drinking and eating pies 🙂 

In short, I threw myself into work and did naff all exercise for blummen ages and here I am 10 years later still suffering the effects of back, neck, hip and shoulder pain that SEO and sitting down all day does not really help and it’s time to do something more long lasting about it

I want to be able to move and stay upright for many years to come so have decided that if I can’t leave my computer to go to the gym, then I need to bring the gym to my computer…

Transitioning to a Treadmill Desk

The transition for me is not really an issue as I have been standing to work for most of my day for several years. If however I spend a few of those days only sitting (working at a clients office or conferences etc), I soon start to feel the effects.

When I have the time and the inclination, I still run around the field out back or go have a treadmill session at my sisters gym. Currently only for short periods, but this means I am used to being on my feet. I just don’t do enough exercise.

If you’re not used to being on your feet or standing whilst working, it may take a little bit of getting used to but there really is nothing to worry about!

Things you think are going to happen (but don’t)

You’ll end up all sweaty at work

You’ll have to give up tea and coffee

You’ll have to shout over the noise

You’ll sound out of breath if anyone calls

You’ll get distracted and fly off the end like in films


The point is that even though I and turned it into a desk so that I can walk and work and amusingly play the piano (more on that later!)

I have decided to post the intro post and will update as the weeks go on so that you can read in real time how it works out for me with the following criteria:

  • Distance per day
  • Energy / Mood
  • Calories burned



My Makeshift Treadmill Desk