Score Taping Tips for Singers working with Piano Players & Accompanists

I have had quite a few #singing with pianist’ sessions at vocal schools, and every session, there are disgruntled huffs and puffs and the flapping of sheet music while the very talented piano players get ready to accompany us without showing their annoyance at yet another thing that singers expect pianists to fix.

Great musicians are so well versed in receiving notes on bits of paper, scrawled chords, and endless scores that just won’t fit on the piano that you would not necessarily know that you were making their life harder… but wouldn’t it be nice if you could make things a little easier?

So I asked several piano players – how they would like to receive loose leaf sheet music in order for us as singers to get the best out of them and our sessions.

Loose Pages – Ruined Performances

Over zealous page turning, nervousness from us putting the sheets on the piano or a random gust of air can mean loose score sheets all over the floor so what you want to do is make a sort of a long booklet foldable where pages can be easily turned and folded back under if necessary without you losing your place.

Keep Handy at all times

  • Matt tape – shiny bits under the lights can just be distracting
  • A Pencil – mark out bits that repeat and add notes to the score

Try to be prepared enough to know how the song goes as you may need to go back to another part – so make a note of which pages contain the music for the parts you want to work on