Who are we?

authorised-cvt-teacher-jackie-hole-ukJackie Hole until now has remained a best kept secret. Singing since the age of 4, Jackie was once told that she couldn’t have a singing part in a school play when because ‘nobody wants to hear that voice‘ (she was 7)

With confidence knocked, Jackie became a legend in her living room instead mimicking her favourite pop stars behind closed doors. In her late teens she plucked up the courage to perform in local bands gaining early recognition but the lack of confidence turned into a bad case of stage fright that eventually became so stressful that Jackie stopped singing. (for over 20 years!) and pursued a career in internet marketing – earning the European Search Personality of the Year Award in 2014

The music would not stop calling, so that year Jackie took a 5 Day vocal course at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. Within one lesson the school were so impressed with her vocal ability they invited her to join the prestigious 3 year Complete Vocal Teacher Training Course and the rest is history.

Pro Vocal Coach

Jackie is a professional Vocal Coach and CVT authorised teacher based in the UK and Central Europe and gigs regularly. She is passionate about helping singers overcome their nerves, improve their technique and gain confidence to sing from the heart knowing that their voice will never let them down.

Jackie has also taken the Estill Training for Voice levels 1 and 2 and has recently joined the Modern Vocal Technique as the consultant for vocal effects. Jackie also teaches every year at the European Vocal camp working with 100+ singers to develop style, technique, confidence and due to her previous career as an online marketeer – marketing for musicians.

Extreme Vocal Effects

Jackie has a speciality in vocal effects for rock and metal and can teach you how to make distortion, rattle, grunts and growls safely and healthily and still live to tell the tale! All rough effects are safe but it is important that your teacher is experienced in both teaching and performing effects in order to help you not just make the noises but to sustain them over an entire song. Only when you have full control of the effects can you truly master them!

Who do we work with?

Jackie works regularly with professional performing and recording artists worldwide. She has also worked with teenagers and adults teaching 1 on 1 singing lessons, and has been involved with workshops in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Specialising in Soul, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop and Classical styles. Jackie also works with touring metal singers and will be appearing on a metal album very soon!

The old adage ‘those that can’t do, teach’ does not ring true with plenty of singing teachers – most great vocal coaches have either had a career or have had extensive performance experience – singing in your bedroom is a completely different experience to singing in a studio or live on stage so if you want an active singing career – it may be a good choice to pick a teacher that can show you great sound examples along the way and has extensive live performance experience

Lucky for you – Jackie is an advanced vocalist in her own right with an impressive 5+ octave range and a flexible, versatile voice to rival many of today’s world class artists. Combine that with an ability to sing all styles and an incredible ability to hit powerful high belt notes with ease, she wants so share her superhuman secrets with you!

Jackie can also be found gigging regularly at festivals and events and is often involved with session singing but if you want to see more examples or subscribe for free – check out the new Youtube Channel ‘that singing show where we share secrets with tutorials, breakdowns and even some of the currently popular vocal coach reactions 

Here are just some of the videos of Jackie Singing Live

CVT Graduation Video
Whistle Notes and Fry Scream Tutorial

LIVE with the BBC