Professional Vocalist & Vocal Coach

Modern Vocal Technique, Complete Vocal Technique and Estill trained.
Professional Vocal Coach – Online via Skype or in the UK studios in Suffolk, Essex and London

Specialist Vocal Massage / MyoFascialRelease

Our specialist Vocal Massage can release residual tension and help free up your voice

All Styles - Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Classical


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Internationally Acclaimed Artists

Some of our students

X Factor and Voice of Poland Contestant Olga Barej

International Metal Vocal Artist Vidi Dolev

Norwegian Rapper & Recording Artist Zawadi

Renowned Icelandic actress, voice over artist, vocalist and Eurovision songwriter Thorunn Erna

Lead Singer of Finish Rock Band Dorothy Polonium

Myself! There is a reason why I have a 5 octave range and can sing in any style!

Elvis Legend Tribute Act

Unlock your vocal potential