Sing With Power & Style!

Modern Vocal Technique, Complete Vocal Technique and Estill trained.
Professional Vocal Coach – Online via Skype

Specialist Vocal Massage / MyoFascialRelease

Our specialist Vocal Massage can release residual tension and help free up your voice

All Styles - Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Classical

Jackie can sing just about anything and wants to share her secrets with you – see Jackie singing a variety of styles and using all effects then book a session to learn for yourself!

Contemporary Singing Lessons – Sing Anything YOU want – with Power & Style

Have you always dreamed of singing but lacked the confidence to start? Maybe you’re a professional singer but some techniques seem out of your grasp… we can show you how to unlock your potential, and teach you how to improve your singing.

We teach beginners and pro’s how to get the very best out of their voices and design their own unique sound the quick easy way!

  • Learn to Belt with ease
  • Hit those high notes with power
  • Add grit, gravel and rasp at will!
  • Extend your range more than you thought possible
  • Get over the nerves
  • Promote yourself on Youtube
  • Personalised Vocal Coaching

Singing Lessons / Vocal Coaching

Map Your Voice

Take a journey through your own voice! Discover your voice potential! Singing Lesson included. Book Now >>

Singing Lesson 1 Hour / 30 Mins

Learn to sing from scratch or improve your current singing technique. Results in your first hour! Book Now >>

Extreme Vocals

Learn to add Grit, Distortion, Grunt, Growl and more – not just for metal, pop singers use these effects too! Book Now >>


Vocalists Coached


Hours of Teaching


Internationally Acclaimed Artists

Some of our students

X Factor and Voice of Poland Contestant Olga Barej
International Metal Vocal Artist Vidi Dolev
Norwegian Rapper & Recording Artist Zawadi
Renowned Icelandic actress, voice over artist, vocalist and Eurovision songwriter Thorunn Erna
Lead Singer of Finish Rock Band Dorothy Polonium
Myself! There is a reason why I have a 5 octave range and can sing in any style!
Elvis Legend Tribute Act David Black – from 0 to performance in less than 6 months